Visa & Job


Our associates operate out of every country we provide educational services, helping students find part time jobs to support themselves. A service beyond.

Tekvalue Education Consultancy is committed to giving students the best service possible from their F1 to H1B visas. Online Overseas Education Consultancy was created in a very special way to help students succeed overseas. You must think this is surprising, right ?

Yes, that is where we differ from other service providers; we assist students in finding employment in the USA after completing their graduate degrees.



Team Tekvalue Education is committed to helping you achieves your goal of getting placement assistance in the USA and many other countries as soon as you finish your master's. We have offices in India, and our top-notch administration has years of expertise. We assist the students in choosing their field of employment after graduation. In other words, Online Overseas Education Consultancy is a one-stop shop for everything from educational needs to career counseling abroad. The following highlights are mentioned underneath

  • While enrolled in school: On-campus and off-campus Employment support
  • Following graduation
  • Jobs are in high demand in the current market
  • Free housing following graduation until you find a new job
  • Based on your profile and market demand, free training
  • Foreign Special teams' advice
  • H1b help through a dedicated staff in the USA after your graduation.

To meet the needs of incoming students related to placement assistance, we have partnered with clients across the globe. Placement assistance is readily available in the market, but what makes us unique is our team which is extremely dedicated and hardworking in catering to the needs of a particular student. They help the parents and students understand each and every process involved in the Placement. The bond and a self of security every parent and student feel over here are beyond