Our focus is student’s priority and preferences. Based on your academic records and other entry requisites, our counsellor will assist you in shortlisting the institutions and courses in which you are eligible to apply. The list of documents and other requisites can be obtained from our counsellor for applying to the universities you have shortlisted.

Once a complete application along with required documents is submitted to your counsellor at AECC Global, you can be assured of its submission within 24-48 hours.

Student applications are usually assessed based on the different parameters like academic excellence, English language ability etc. Application processing time varies from institution to institution and ranges between 2-8 weeks upon submission of an application.

If there is anything, more daunting than the decision to go abroad for studies is choosing the right university amongst thousands of choices available. At Indus Abroad our trained team makes the process simpler by suggesting university’s based on the students profile, his preferred location, financial obligations and the student’s capability to meet those obligations.

At Indus Abroad we understand that these process needs to be planned well in advance to be able to face the challenges in an alien nation.

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