If you are planning to study abroad in the top universities across the globe, then you must have come across the term Statement of Purpose and if you are wondering what is a Statement of Purpose? What does it mean? Then, don’t worry, we have all your answers regarding the statement of purpose and how it is capable of ensuring your admission in the top colleges all across the world. Now, you must be wondering that if I have to submit all my academic and residential documents to the University, then why is there a need of a separate Statement of Purpose. The answer is quite simple. All the other documents like your CGPA result, IELTS score, VISA letter, character certificate etcetera clearly mention your academic record and character to the institute but a SOP has some special importance among these formal documents. A Statement of Purpose or SOP is kind of an admission essay that every student has to present to the University, along with all the other documents. It is a compulsory submission and presents a clear picture of your application in front of the University authorities in a transparent way

Significance Of SOP

A SOP is a document that is curated by your side, not by your previous college or embassy, in which you’ve to clearly mention all the aspects that would be helpful in securing your admission into the University. These aspects include your motivation to study in that institute, your aspirations from the future, what you expect to become after studying there, your best personality traits, qualities, strengths and a lot more. In this way, you get to briefly present your application in a much conversational and effective way to the University. An SOP is not a highly formal document but a medium through which you can freely outline your skills and qualifications that are in the favor of you being the right candidate for their University.

Is There A Pattern For A SOP ?

Although, the Statement of Purpose does not have a pre-defined pattern that should be followed but still you must follow a basic yet effective structure to provide the best of information about yourself in a communicative manner. The SOP must start with an Introduction. Now, this Introduction is not exactly your formal introduction but it should carry all the headers or bullet points of the qualities and achievements you’ve discussed further briefly in the SOP. Then, comes the body. The main part of the SOP as you’ll be directly showcasing all your positives and negatives in front of the authorities. It should be crisp, to the point yet highly elaborate in nature. For the Conclusion part, you should give a final call back to your motivation behind your studies in that particular University, as in, what are the attributes of the institute that make it the ideal one for you etcetera. Now, it must be clear to you how you should frame your best Statement of Purpose so as to increase your chances of admission. But, to be more cautious, there are a few things to avoid as well. The tone of the SOP should not be too formal but a bit conversational and professional in a general way. Don’t be too repetitive about the information, for example, don’t mention your CGPA or IELTS score in every next sentence as every candidate must’ve cleared IELTS, you should try to focus on the points that define your identity. And last but not least, try to make a good connection with the reader through your writing and good use of words.

Statement Of Purpose Writing Services

Worried about how to write a statement of purpose? Don’t worry; we at Indus Abroad have got all the services you may ask for. But, firstly let’s find out that do you really need someone to write YOUR statement of purpose or not? The foremost question that must come to your mind is how can someone else describe my qualities better than me? You might be right here but it’s not just about your qualities and qualifications because you see, that there are plenty of students across the globe applying to the same University for admission and everyone carries good qualification. A lot of them might also carry better academic record than you and in such a case, an expert hand in your SOP will surely give you a good chance to leverage your admission chances. Every University has its own set of protocols and admission procedure for different courses and you definitely won’t be completely sure about how should present only your relevant skills and qualities for the admission. An expert in the field knows all the traits of selection and thus, presents you with a better grip over your narration and that’s why you should have a good SOP writing service by your side.

Best SOP Writing Services In India

Indus Abroad has been fulfilling the dreams of foreign studies for more than a decade now. We have our top class services available for every great study destination like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and where not. We’ve helped students get admission in reputed courses like MBA, PhD in their dream college. In our successful journey of shaping one’s future, we have helped thousands of students in their SOP writing. Our teams of expert SOP writers have written SOPs for every reputed institute across the globe. Statement of Purpose for Master’s courses, statement of purpose for MBA and statement of purpose for PhD are some of our best writing services available. Our team knows exactly what kind of SOP you should send to one University. As the courses and institutes differ, the qualities and academic qualifications required for the course also differ. And that’s exactly where our expertise assists you in the best possible way. We elaborately present or highlight your relevant skills only to keep the statement of purpose direct and effective. For further details and enquiry regarding statement of purpose writing, you may reach out to us directly through our website. Indus Abroad Help have their SOP writing services in cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and lot more. Feel free to visit the website and find SOP writing service near you.

Letter Of Recommendation Writing Services By Indus Abroad:

Just like all the other documents like CV, Resume or SOP, helping you secure your admissions in a university or job in a company, a Letter of Recommendation also carries some huge significance of its own. Just as the name suggest, a LOR is a letter that your previous employer or institution or professor or college issues for you, which acts as a sort of recommendation of your application for the upcoming studies or job. A Letter of Recommendation is a document that is highly professional and effective in getting you your desired admission or job. So, before seeing the best LOR writing services in India, let’s firstly dig deeper into the importance of this document.

What Is A LOR?

When you spend a great tenure of academics or job in a college or company, you leave a good impression on the same institution through your work, studies or services. Now, if you wish to pursue your higher studies or find a better job, you may surely use this experience not only in your resume but as a source of separate recommendation as well. You may ask your previous institution to issue you a letter of recommendation, which you will submit to the next institution as a token of your previous work. As a LOR is not written by you but someone senior to you for whom you’ve worked before, it is supposed to be completely honest in nature, so as to provide a clear picture of your previous experience, to the employer or college.

Significance Of A Letter Of Recommendation

The documents like CV and Resume are not descriptive but depictive in nature. It means that they are strong and capable enough to highlight your academic career and qualifications but do not give an insight from the perspective of your previous employer. The letter of recommendation that your previous institute issues for you acts as a certificate of your satisfactory and disciplinary tenure under their company name. In this way, you prove your on-field skills and experience to the employer. Plus, as the LOR is written, formulated and issued by someone else, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses through someone else’s perspective and you can thoroughly work on them.

Why Do You Need LOR Writing Service?

The task of writing a letter of recommendation is a highly cautious and skillful one. And that’s why many institutions avoid writing or issuing of a letter of recommendation or they’ll ask you to write a LOR on their behalf which they’ll sign. Now, the job is tough for you to write your own letter of recommendation as you’ve to describe your performance and record by the perspective of someone else. The letter must not be sugar coated or harsh, must be close to reality yet highlighting your skills effectively, grammar and punctuation should be top-notch and convincing; the tone of the letter should be conversational. It’s a kind of formal document but still, from one higher authority to another and thus, carries a good convincing tone and excellent choice of words. Every student or employee is different, has a different tenure, record, skills, qualifications, qualities and achievements and that is why no two LORs are identical. And every letter of recommendation must be customized accordingly. And obviously, no big institute or firm has the time and efforts to curate such letter of recommendations for their students and employees and because of this; they ask the employee himself to write a letter of recommendation for himself. They’ll be able to judge your writing skills through the LOR, proofread it and will sign it to make it an official and acceptable letter of recommendation. And that’s why having some professional aid in your LOR writing can prove to be a game changer for your career. These professional LOR writing services have decades of experience in providing LOR to thousands of students and job seekers. They know what sort of information and certificates may be relevant for the given job or company and only after a successful evaluation of all the significant attributes, they’ll provide you the best letter of recommendation writing service for you.

Best LOR Writing Services In India

Till now, you must be familiar of how important of a document LOR is and what impact it can land on your admission or job application. And you must be wondering where I can find the best LOR writing service for me? Then, don’t worry! Indus Abroad is there to help you in this domain of expertise as well. Our team of expert writers is pretty well known for their personal letter of recommendation writing. Unlike a lot of LOR writers available online and offline, we do not follow a specified format. These services have just one kind of writing and with small changes in the data, they give you a LOR, which is highly ineffective and is not even customized for you. Indus Abroad treats each LOR as a different task and has nothing to do with any other person’s application. We provide all types of LOR writing services, whether you need a LOR for higher studies, LOR for college admission or LOR for job, we’ll collect all your information and record in a thorough way and then, only proceed with the writing. Our LOR writing services for students have helped thousands of students get admission into their dream college in the past years.

The secret of our excellent service and dedication towards customer’s satisfaction lies in our working methodology only. We take gradual and elaborate steps throughout the writing process, from collecting data to making the final letter of recommendation; each step is put on utmost attention. Now, the lack of a good letter of recommendation will no more be a hurdle in your career. Want to know more about the LOR writing services available on Indus Abroad? You may freely reach out to us through our website. Just fill in your details and out support team will get in touch with you soon with all the answers to your query.

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